Borrow Bankruptcy Bank in France: how to do?

To borrow money by being stuck: is it an antagonist? One can ask the question, as the banking ban is scary in France. But being a Bank in France is not an end in itself, just a transitional state that will allow you to get back on track, and start the year off to a good start. There remains the problem of borrowing. How to override his BDF file to be able to borrow?


Bank in France NNDC DNC Files, bank prohibition: definitions


Borrow while being banked Bank in France : the task is difficult, but far from impossible. To make a loan by being stuck at the Bank in France supposes first that it is necessary to take stock of its situation.

Is it NNC or DNC? These barbarian acronyms are abbreviations of the various files existing at the Bank in France that group together those who have difficulties with credit.

Definition of banking prohibition

Apart from overindebtedness situations , there are two types of bank exclusion files in the BDF. These do not have the same consequences for those people who have the misfortune to be included. Thus, the file NNC gathers all those who knew delays or deficiencies in the repayment of their monthly installments of credits.

The DNC file, meanwhile, will list those who have made a blank check, or who have abused the facilities of their credit card. Being listed DNC means in particular that it is no longer possible to pay for purchases by any means other than cash, or a CB without a prohibition of overdraft, and immediate debit.


How to get a loan by being stuck at the Bank in France

How to get a loan

Can I take credit by being registered NNC? A priori, nothing opposes it. The NNC file of the BDF is prepared for information purposes, to prevent credit institutions, and avoid them unpaid. The latter are given the right to grant or not a credit, even in case of registration.

The importance of the amount borrowed will come into play, as well as the professional situation: CDI, precarious contract or RSA , the borrower will not be eaten at the same sauce.

How to avoid being banned bank Bank in France?

There are not four ways to be unlocked. The first, which we advise to borrow, is the repayment of the debts that created the banking ban.

Whether it is a credit or a check in wood, you have to settle your accounts with your debtors. The second is to wait until the end of the sanction. An DNC record implies 5 years of prohibition if nothing is done to remedy it.

Revolving credit and cash reserves with a Bank in France (NNC – DNC) bank

Revolving credit and cash reserves with a Bank in France (NNC - DNC) bank

One can be tempted by a revolving credit when the need for money is cruelly felt. The period of the sales is favorable, in particular, to need a small loan allowing to take advantage of the good deals of the beginning of the year.

The revolving credit makes it possible to always have money available, the other side of the coin being the interest rates: the latter are higher than for a conventional credit.

Which bank is open to people with a Bank in France NNC card?

A Bank in France file on the DNC or NNC files makes it impossible to subscribe a revolving credit (although this is not quite true for the NNC files). Banks and other credit institutions avoid taking a risk, from the moment the applicant appears on this type of file.

Being in a situation of over-indebtedness happens so quickly, it is better to avoid getting into more debt by subscribing a revolving or a reserve of renewable money. For those who are wondering how to obtain credit easily with a Bank in France banknotes, recommends first to settle its financial situation.

For those who want to borrow without proof of resources or without pay slips, unless you need less than 1500 euros according to the organizations, to borrow will be impossible. Applying without a pay slip is like throwing a sword into the water.

Obtaining a micro-credit by being bankrupt Bank in France banned


Fortunately, for those who are looking for a personal credit for person BDF, there are organizations that grant micro-credits, such as CAF or ADIE: the NNC Bank in France is not a insurmountable obstacle, although the emergency loans for unemployed overindebted bank banned are subject to conditions.

Thus, CAF lends money to those who really need it, through consumer assistance, or loans to do work in his home. The conditions of resources will be taken into account for granting these aids.

But these are not donations, and it will repay the money lent, even in small installments. ADIE will have a slightly different approach, by lending money to those who want to get out of their precarious situation through an economic activity.

Can one become a self-entrepreneur by being stuck at the Bank in France?


To create a society by being banned bank is the cross and the banner. Can one become a self-entrepreneur by being stuck at the Bank in France? A priori, nothing prohibits it, same thing to open a company account being prohibited banking with Bank in France.

However, the problem will arise for obtaining a credit. How to convince the bank that our past problems will not be our future problems? Since a company often needs cash, obtaining a line of credit will be difficult in the event of a banking ban, unless it separates its activities and becomes a company.

The problem of self-organization is that it is a sole proprietorship. The banker will conduct his investigation before granting a loan to the creator and his company.

But then, who lends to banking prohibitions? Banks are not the only ones who can lend money. Individuals are also organizing to offer credit solutions with a different ethic.

Borrow from individual to individual

Borrow from individual to individual

The various crises that have shaken global banks in recent years have changed the consumer’s view. Borrowing money does not necessarily go through a bank anymore. We can also find a private individual who makes a loan . But this is not a voluntary approach, there is a rate of interest, refunds and a file to mount.

That’s why we recommend going through a well-organized platform to avoid bad surprises from the PAP loan.

How to find a particular praetor who lends to banned people

If word of mouth and the experience of our friends is not to neglect when it comes to money, it is better to apply for PAP loans having storefront as a loan union. However, as for banks, the banking ban will be a drag.

As for knowing how to borrow from particular to particular when one is in overindebtedness (file NNC), unless passing by a close friend or a member of his family, that seems difficult. Even with a loved one a loan agreement will be drafted to set a legal framework to credit.

The repurchase of credit for prohibited banking (NNC)

The repurchase of credit for prohibited banking (NNC)

There are no banks for people in financial difficulty (unemployment, disability, divorce, death of the spouse), nor banks for people stuck in overindebtedness. However, for a banking ban (NNC) the solution of the repurchase of credit can represent a valid alternative.

How does the repurchase of credit

Without being a super credit, the purchase will concern all outstanding loans. We will go from a multitude of creditors to a single interlocutor, who will buy all outstanding loans, and renegotiate the amount of the monthly payment with the borrower. The purpose of this approach is often to lower its repayments.

Conversely, the duration, it will necessarily lengthen. As a general rule, a bank ban will have to provide pay slips, or show that it has the ability to repay. Owning a property is a plus when applying for a loan. This can prevent over-indebtedness and the seizure of his house.

Can we borrow abroad when we are banned?


To ask for a loan even when one is banked Bank in France, and why not? For a credit for bank and NNC banned, it is possible to turn to foreign banks, especially those of the European Union.

Indeed, the BDF files are not crossed with those of the National Bank in Belgium or those of the banks of the other countries of the union. It is thus possible to borrow in Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg, but also in all other banks that will want to take into account the proposed credit file.

Borrowing abroad also helps to put the rates in competition. However, it is better to make a loan in the currency with which one is paid, to avoid the expenses of exchange, which can weigh down the invoice.