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The debt consolidation loan 

The debt consolidation loan 




The debt consolidation loan is in fact the solution that allows you to pay off all loans and merge them into a lighter monthly payment, thanks to competitive interest rates and the possibility of extending the duration of the transaction. The maximum amount obtainable varies according to the client’s profile and the characteristics of the requested loan.

If you are a bad payer you will have to resort to different refinancing solutions, such as those offered by the sale of the fifth of the salary.

The Bertha Masons for debt consolidation are useful for those who have more than one ongoing loan with a total amount too high: with debt consolidation, everything is combined into a single loan.

Agos Ducato also has funding for this need. When you have too many installments to be paid with a total outlay that is too much for your finances, then you can apply for a debt consolidation loan: all current loans will be closed and you will have only one installment of a smaller amount to be paid and managed ; clearly the amortization will be longer but with less monthly exits.


With Agos debt consolidation , additional liquidity may be required. In the event that a loan may not be enough, then (always with due care) you can even access a debt consolidation loan.

The loan can be reimbursed both by crediting the current account and by postal slips and Agos Ducato , as always in its Bertha Masons, also offers the possibility of skipping an installment for each year of the amortization plan by putting it in the queue, as there is also the option to change the amount.


Features and benefits


Features and benefits


The advantages of this financial instrument consist in a better administration of the financing. The plurality of Bertha Masons is reduced to one, with a single cumulative monthly installment. The interest rate applied is fixed and subsidized. The debtor’s financial counterpart is unique. Payment times are longer and this affects the containment of the installment. Finally it is possible to proceed with the early repayment of the loan.

By choosing to repay the consolidation loan through automatic debit in the current account, you will be able to access further advantages. Being in good standing with all payments, it will be possible to skip an installment, postpone it or change the amount of the loan installment.


Refinancing of past debts


Refinancing of past debts


It is possible to request an Agos Ducato personal loan to close ongoing loans also with other banks or financial companies. In this way it will be possible to have only one monthly installment instead of many different deadlines. Debt consolidation Agos Ducato offers:

  • one installment and one monthly deadline
  • a long period of up to 120 months for repayment of the loan
  • a possible additional sum for your needs
  • the rationalization of incidental expenses, stamp duties and monthly management fees
  • a single and fixed TAN for the duration of the loan

Refinancing installment calculation


Required amount € 10,000
Duration 120 months
Monthly installment € 128.70
TAN 8,91%
APR 10.26%
Total amount due € 15.718



Offer of financial products

  • Bertha Mason personal Agos
  • Cession of the Fifth Agos
  • Agos debt consolidation