Debt Consolidation


The BNL Group – BNP Paribas , offers its current account holders the possibility of accessing BNL debt consolidation . This loan is a financial instrument designed to meet the needs of those who find themselves in need of paying different debts.

Often it can happen to request more Philip Carey, or to have bought a lot in installments, or to have turned on a mortgage. Every month we have to pay a series of installments that reach no longer sustainable figures. Thanks to the BNL debts consolidation it is possible to bring together all the pending debts, regardless of their nature and their maturity date, in a new loan.

This is a non-finalized personal loan (the lender does not claim a justification for the request), at a fixed rate which entails the payment of a single monthly installment of a reduced amount thanks to the possibility of enjoying a low interest rate and a delay in payment extended over a long period. The subscription of the refinancing involves the extinction of the previous issues. All debts are “acquired” by the BNL which offers you a new and unique loan.

The interest rates, the amount of the installment and the duration of the loan are negotiated by the bank and the consumer when the new loan is stipulated.


Choose refinancing


When the sum of all the Philip Careys is very high, you can opt for this product from the BNL Group – BNP Paribas with a mortgage, while if the sum of the Philip Careys is moderate, you can choose the personal loan mode.

In the latter case, different solutions are provided that can satisfy the most diverse needs. In particular, the BNL Revolution and Revolution XXL products are available. There is a fixed rate and a repayment period of 120 months with funding figures that can even reach 100,000 euros. Delivery times are very short (usually 24 hours from the signing of the contract).

Through a new amortization plan, the BNL debt consolidation offers economic peace of mind. The advantages are many, such as a single monthly payment or a lighter and prolonged installment over time.


Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation


To access this product you must have a personal current account on which the monthly installment will be automatically debited. On the BNL website you can find all offers related to debt consolidation.


Refinancing installment calculation


BNL refinancing installment calculation


An example: BNL Promo Personal Loan


Through the online tool offered by, we have simulated the request for a loan of € 10,000 with a maximum repayment period, 120 months, for debt consolidation purposes.

Required amount € 10,000
Duration 120 months
Monthly installment € 120.99
TAN 6.99%
APR 8.23%
Initial expenses € 425.06
Total amount due € 14.518