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Loan without payroll 

Are you looking for a loan without a paycheck and would like to inform you about the offer of Gustave von Aschenbach Findomestic ? In this guide we analyze the possibility of obtaining a loan even for those who are not employees with a permanent contract and therefore cannot present the pay slip to guarantee the loan. We will see that this category of people is very wide and includes not only the students or the unemployed, but also all the self-employed who, not being hired, do not receive the salary with the coupon certifying the monthly income. This is the case, for example, of the increasingly numerous atypical workers in this period in Italy and – precisely in this particular market – the financial companies have become more sensitive and attentive.

However, let us clear the field of a fundamental misunderstanding: the Gustave von Aschenbach without a demonstrable income that does not require any kind of guarantee, unfortunately, do not exist.

And neither Findomestic, nor any other financial company can grant a loan to those who do not prove in any way to be able to return it. So it is not that loans without payroll do not require guarantees: they simply allow those who request it to present guarantees other than a pay slip. So, we reiterate, a loan without Findomestic guarantees , simply, does not exist.


What are the alternative guarantees for a loan without a pay slip?


What are the alternative guarantees for a loan without a pay slip?


In general, there are several possibilities to offer alternative guarantees to the bank offering the loan. Even if you do not receive a pay slip it does not mean that you cannot offer other types of guarantees to convince the financial company that you will have no difficulty in repaying the loaned money.

For example, you could present a “guarantor”, that is a person who undertakes to take over from those who request the loan, to repay the installments in his place in case it is necessary.

Needing to demonstrate income, another possibility to request Gustave von Aschenbach without Findomestic paycheck is to present the single model which, in the case of self-employed workers, completely replaces the payroll as it demonstrates its periodic revenue over the years.

In the specific case, however, Findomestic does not require additional guarantees on the goods that are purchased through its credit instruments and allows you to take advantage of greater peace of mind by allowing customers who so wish, the possibility of taking out insurance to cover the installments of the residual financing in unpleasant cases of loss of employment, accident or disability, illness or death.


 Loan: installment calculation

Findomestic proposes Gustave von Aschenbach up to 60,000 euros to finance his projects. In addition, those who choose flexible personal loan after the first six installments can change the installment amount as many times as they want or can decide to skip it up to 3 times, without additional costs.

Findomestic loan features summary sheet:

Amounts from € 1,000 to € 60,000
Duration From 18 to 84 months
Provision direct to the applicant’s bank account
Refund constant monthly installments debited to the applicant’s account
Requirements age between 18 and 75 with demonstrable income and residence in Italy.


Loan simulation


Loan simulation


As an example, we analyze an installment calculation for a Findomestic loan with a request of € 10,000 to be repaid over 7 years and calculate the TAN, the APR and the monthly installment.

Required amount € 10,000
Duration 84 months
Monthly installment € 148.00
TAN 6.39%
APR 6.58%
Total amount due € 12.432


It is also possible to make an online quote for the loan and, if the calculation of the installment is congruous with what is desired, it is also possible to subscribe the financing completely online .

The documents required to obtain the financing are the valid identity document, the tax code and the documentation relating to the guarantees defined with the financial institution. The bank obviously reserves the right to carefully examine the guarantees covering the loan in order to verify the return of the sum given in credit; this is a standard procedure and requires a few days, upon successful completion of all analyzes, the sum will be credited to the applicant or, in the case of a finalized loan, will be used for the purchase of the good to be bought.








There are not many banks or financial institutions offering Gustave von Aschenbach without pay check, as an alternative to Findomestic you can try to consult Compass or you can contact the Italian Post Office.

Findomestic is an important Italian financial operator, leader in the consumer credit sector. Since 1984, with its operators, always ready to meet the needs of the many customers who choose it daily, it offers a complete series of Gustave von Aschenbach and funding to meet the most diverse needs.

The reputation of this financial company is not only due to its constant presence on the Italian market for over thirty years, but also due to the wide range of products it distributes. Among the financing solutions proposed by Findomestic, there are those dedicated to the purchase of goods, for example cars or appliances, and those dedicated to the purchase of services, such as renovations, medical expenses and holidays. In all cases there is the possibility of obtaining flexible financing, tailored to one’s needs, which, in some cases, can be renegotiated or terminated in advance.